Beautiful Life


Tennille Amor
The more I think about it, and the older I get, the more I realize that life doesn’t fit into any neatly defined boxes. I often search for a deeper “meaning” in the reason why I see the number 33 everywhere, but maybe all it means is that anything really is possible in life. That there are no definites to anything, and that everything could change at any given moment without any sort of warning, and we, as human beings, would eventually adapt to it, and move on. A friend of mine lost a friend this week. He was 24, and it was a motorcycle accident. Tragic, and completely unexpected. As sad as it is, and as difficult as it is to get past something like that, eventually, everyone who knew him, including those who were closest to him, will have to find a way to move on with their own lives, while still keeping the memory of him alive.

Another friend was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease, seemingly from out of nowhere, while another has been living with a life threatening disease for about 4 years now, and knows that the only way she can handle it is to acknowledge that she has it, while at the same time, live as though she doesn’t.

The bravery that I see in people who are faced with things like this (whether it is loss, or sudden “bad news,” or a terrible breakup, or whatever it takes to shake someone’s life up in such a way that they could never be the same again) is truly inspiring. People who understand the fact that nothing is certain in this life, are the ones who truly LIVE it!

We are not promised anything here, and we don’t know how long we have to spend on this beautiful planet, so why are we so afraid, for the most part, to take risks, and live as though today may be our last?

I’m not saying we should just ignore all responsibilities and live life in a way that would be harmful to ourselves or other people, I guess I’m just realizing how short it all is though, and being thankful for all of the “moments” I’ve been able to experience, and looking forward to all the ones I am yet to experience.

For me, life is about connection. It’s about spending time with the people you love, doing the things that you love. It’s about making sure the important people in your life know how much they mean to you, so that when you’re gone, they never have to question it for a second.

I am so happy to be alive, and so thankful for everyone who has come into my life at whatever time, in whatever way, and for whatever reason. We are all connected, and I love that about life.

Embrace the “moments,” and let each other know how much you care!

So much love to you all! xxx