Evolve Through Love


I had plans before I met you, it’s true
But within the first ten minutes of talking I knew
That nothing else mattered.
Before I met you, my thoughts were scattered
I hadn’t quite figured myself out,
And even though the darker times still found me in doubt,
There was something to that first meeting that can never be denied
Something that you and I both felt, and couldn’t hide.
You were the first and only man I ever let lead me
The first time you held my hand, I believed we were invincible
Like how I felt wrapped in your arms
To the world and all of its falsities
You protected me,
But at the same time, respected me
In a way that made us counterparts.
The male version of me, you saw right through my heart
Into my soul.
The very depths of what it was that made me whole
Before I met you,
But I connected to your soul in search of truth.
The hours that we spent deep in thought
The lyrics that we wrote, then forgot
Until we listened back to them,
Each time learning something new because the pen
Was just a tool we used to let the wisdom flow through us
For guidance, we knew Who to trust
And sure, there were times when we strayed from that path
It started off easy but we always knew that
Because what we had was something so strong
The obstacles would come to take us in the wrong direction
Upon reflection I can definitely see my mistakes
They began even before the day that we met
The demons of my past that would never let me forget
What I had to go through to find truth
I can see how it must have taken its toll on you
Though you made your mistakes too
Such a domino effect
First there was one, and then was the next
No disrespect, and no reason for blame.
I believe the circumstances came in to teach us both a lesson
We’re changing for the better, I’m pretty sure the best is
Yet to come
Part of me still thinks you could be the one,
But I guess we’ll never know where the path will lead us next
All we can do is trust and know we’ll get
To wherever it is that we’re supposed to
In the meantime, I hope you continue to seek Truth
And know too that I’ll always wish the best for you
And who-ever you choose to have in your life
Even if one day I end up meeting your wife and she isn’t me
You see I hope that we can always be friends
Because my love for you will never end
You have made an impact on my life that I’ll never forget
No remorse, no more tears, I have no regrets
Only LOVE for the EV
‘Cause through you I was blessed.