Sharing some thoughts


I continue to be amazed by life…. every day provides us with new blessings, and i am constantly aware of how beautiful it is to be given this opportunity of life. I often contemplate the importance of existence, or what we are really here for, or whether or not the things we do actually make any sort of difference at all, and i guess that if i believed that they didn’t, then i wouldn’t see the point in really doing anything, but the truth is, EVERYTHING we do is valid. Everything we do makes a difference. Everything we say. Every piece of energy that we put out into the universe. IT ALL MATTERS!  It all effects the people around us, the energy around us, the world in which we live. and we are so fortunate to live in a time where our voices can be heard all around the world through the rise in technology. we are each given the opportunity to contribute to the greater good, and the thought of that really excites me! the thought of knowing that by putting positive energy out there, i can in turn ignite some sort of positive energy in someone else is somewhat surreal, but at the core of all things. wow… my mind is racing right now, but its 5.27 in the morning, and i have to be back at the studio at 11… haven’t slept yet… damn…. i keep doing this! but anyway, i was up, and i just thought i’d share… i actually plan on doing a lot more of this, so check in from time to time when u get a sec…. i’d love to hear what you guys are thinking too, cuz we are all here to help each other grow.  Time for bed for now tho!

Much love

Tennille Amor