Working with John Legend and Pixie Lott


Tennille Amor
Today I had the amazing opportunity of working with two of my friends, John Legend and Pixie Lott. I have been telling John about Pixie for a while now, and we were finally all able to get into a studio together tonight.  We decided to write something for Pixie’s album, and it was so great to get to work with both of them, because I have admired their work for the duration of their careers, and known both of them before they “hit the big-time,” so to speak.

The song is called ‘You Win,’ and I am sure it is going to be a HUGE hit for Pixie!  I can’t wait for you all to hear it!!

The songwriting process was so quick and easy, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with the two of them.  Hopefully it will be the first of many collaborations!  I’ll keep you posted